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The Story Unfolding Stanley Steemer(Including Coupons)

All humble beginnings has a story to be told. Every detail deserves a chance for peaceful reminiscing and moment for thoughtful recognition. As for Stanley Steemer, there could have been many guesses as to how it all started. Was the name taken from the founder who could possibly be “Stanley”? Or, was it like the name was inspired by the “steamer” that we are all familiar with? Check out for the answer as the information below gives you the right amount of idea you need for the query.

Stanley Steemer is a family-owned company based on U.S and is popular in home servicing such as carpet cleaning, upholstery and many more. Other service they offer are for commercial cleaning like hardwood floor services, tile and grout cleaning, water damage repair and air ducts and furniture cleaning. They are specialized in making your home and offices as clean and comfortable as possible. For the past 6 decades, they have been a household and business word even until the present.

The making of this renowned company began from a man named Steve Johnson; today’s owner of Colt Services Inc, d.b.a. Stanley Steemer San Diego. He started the business in 1947 and made Stanley Steemer as the leading carpet cleaner and the biggest carpet cleaning franchise all over the country. Jack Bates, Thompson’s stepfather was the original creator of Stanley Steemer. It took Thompson a number of years living with Stanley Steemer. It’s a wonderful realization that it wasn’t just a company that helped him financially but also a fellow that he grew up with.

The name “steemer” is actually spelled with two “e’s” because of an encounter that happened to Jack Bates. When once the old-fashioned steam cleaning tool was operating, it reminded him of the old Stanley steamer steam powered automobile before. So the conception of the idea that the name might have been taken from “steam” is true. Bates thought it was good, so to make the name of the company uniquely his, he made little changes on the spelling – that becomes “Steemer”. At an early age, Thompson was introduced to the carpet cleaning industry and from that moment, he has managed to conceptualize components of a successful business. For several years, Thompson worked with Stanley Steemer. Then in 1972, he started its franchise operation internationally. That time, Thompson at a young age hadn’t realized that his good fortune for business has just about to happen. In that same year, when Thompson was 21, he started working on the branch office in San Diego with only one truck and one man – himself. All alone, after 10 years, he integrated Colt Services Inc.,d.b.a. Stanley Steemer and bought the San Diego franchise which continually expanded in a span of time. In 1993, he then purchased El Cajon and Oceanside franchises.

Today, Stanley Steemer has more than 300 corporate-owned businesses and franchises located in 48 U.S states – Stanley Steemer San Diego taking the lead among the rest. The company continues to provide with the best quality service not just to customers but also to their community. They have gained a good reputation to most people because of the quality service, reasonable pricing and moral business etiquettes. More than hundreds of highly-trained service technicians and fifty vehicles are in service for the business all around San Diego. These crew are dedicated to their work arriving at the base operations at Mira Mesa in San Diego two hours before work. Aside from providing residential and commercial cleaning, Stanley Steemer also offers home cleaning service – carpet cleaning as their specialization. Being the leading household cleaning service, they already have gained the trust and confidence of the people. As a matter of fact, their crew are often treated as guests to houses and businesses of their customers. They always aim for perfection at their work that’s why they are liked by most consumers. Their reliable service available 24/7 guarantees customer satisfaction.

You might ask, what could be the motivating force that drives Stanley Steemer’s employees to always be at their best at work? It’s because of the different enjoyment that they get from the company. Banquets, picnics, outdoor activities like team building and contests are some of the benefits they enjoy. Every day is a long day for them but they still manage to go to work earlier than the required time. For providing the employees a safe and enjoyable working environment, Stanley Steemer has succeeded in setting the standard for any industrial business.

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The story behind Stanley Steemer has taught us a lesson that being the best is something to work hard for. The success and growth of any business has to do with how determined and equipped the persons involved. Successful business story like this one is something to look up to. Thanks to the innovativeness of Bates and Thompson, we are now enjoying a household cleaning quality service.

So, it’s Stanley Steemer and not Stanley Steamer !

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